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Friday, May 10, 2013

Sorry About Being MIA for a Few Days / Computer Saga

   The last few days have not been good ones.  After being pretty much told by Best (NOT) Buy that it sucks to be you, I have been trying to get this laptop back up and running. Needless to say they didn't exchange it, but I will comment on that in a bit. I have been having trouble getting everything to reload from the point that I saved it, so I just wiped everything out, and started fresh, and I am trying to get everything back on here that I had, then I'll worry about whether or not I can get all my saved things back on here or not. I have gotten some things downloaded so I can at least do my blog. I've missed you all ! Okay, read on to the Laptop and Best Buy fiasco. I will use this laptop until it just blows up. We'll see what happens.

   I copied and pasted what I wrote on Facebook so that is the reason for the different color. So if you are one of my friends, and read it on Facebook you can skip this part because it is the same!
Best(not) Buy is on my mind, and not in a good way! Do not go there, do not buy there, I will not ever again. Did you know that even with a receipt they don't have to replace anything after 30 days???? Especially if you didn't buy their warranty, and even if you did buy their warranty they have the option to fix it before replacing it??? As I told you all a few days ago the laptop I bought there on January 30,2013 had a warning from the control center saying the hard drive was defective. Long story short I did as it said, backed it up and took it back to Best Buy to be replaced. They "ran" a scan on it, said they found nothing wrong with it, BUT they could take it in for diagnostic, and "fix " for a "fee" since I didn't buy their warranty, or I could send it back to Toshiba for work 
since it was still under "their" warranty. One of the managers said that she could get that number for me very snotty like. I told her I could do that myself that I wasn't helpless. I was made to feel lower than a slug. I told her that wasn't an option that I needed my computer for my business, she told the workers to "pack it up" (my laptop) and told me we're done and walked off! So in other words Best Buy is not willing to stand behind their product and don't care how much you spend, after 30 days whatever you buy is your problem not theirs! My laptop was 3 months and 5 days old! So I brought it home wiped out everything, and I will use it until it blows up. I will never set foot in that place again, or any Best Buy again. I told her she lost a good customer, cos I had spent thousands of dollars there, 1 desktop, 4 laptops,1 Kindle, 2 digital cameras, and countless other items, she really didn't care.I never had any problems with any of those items. So BEWARE if you don't plan to buy their warranty and even if you do you're screwed either way, cos all they have to do is fix the item! Sorry this is so long, but I wanted everyone to know about Best (Not) Buy!  So as Forest Gump would say, "that's all I have to say about that"! I am still too mad about it, and I wouldn't want to burn any one's ears or hurt any one's sensibilities with any bad words, that I feel like saying right now. It is bad enough that I already thought them! I hope people will learn from my experience, and not buy anything there.

   Yesterday I opened windows in the fiver, and put the awning out to get some fresh air in there and to let the awning dry out. It stormed during the night, so now I imagine the awning is wet again, but today is supposed to be a rain event with rain in the forecast for most of the day. So I guess, I will wait until Monday to open the awning again. The forecast for this weekend is not very good so that is why I am waiting. Anyway, yesterday was a beautiful day and it made me want to get out and walk the dogs. I resisted, I didn't think my foot could handle walking a half mile in this surgical shoe since it doesn't bend. I am sure the dogs would have enjoyed the walk though as much as I would have. This not doing anything hasn't helped my humor, my energy, or the size of my behind! Lol!

   Well I know this is short, for me, but I want to try to get this mess my laptop is in fixed today if I can! I promise I will be back tomorrow!  So I will see ya's soon...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Laptop Problems Galore!

   I just bought a new laptop on the 30th of January 2013. I got a warning today, on my computer that my hard drive is defective, and failing, and that it needs replaced immediately. It said to back the hard drive up on an external drive, and take it to get it fixed. I am going to  take it back and get a new computer or my money back. It is not even 4 months old yet! I think it was defective to begin with, I have had nothing but trouble with it. Now it won't stay connected to the internet, it is very slow moving from site to site, won't let me watch videos etc... we have Road Runner high speed internet, but it drops the internet everywhere. I am so mad and frustrated. I know they are going to try to get me to leave it, and let them fix it, not gonna happen! I have backed everything up and I am going to back it up a second time just to be safe. Let's hope that I don't loose any of my stuff. So I may not be able to get a blog in tomorrow, if I don't get the new one set up fast enough. Just wanted ya to know in case that happened Grrr! I am so not happy! :(  I think I just got a lemon, I am a die hard Toshiba customer. So we'll see what the next one is like before I go switching brands.

Rest of the Day:
   Other than the above, my day started out good, I got up with the dogs this morning and let Mike stay in bed. He had been getting up, and letting them out since March 28th. So I figure I owe him some sleep in times. We went and voted for the school levy, then hit the dollar store. I needed some bathroom cleaner, etc... also Mother's Day cards, and a birthday card for our firstborn Son, Jamie! Just 38 years ago we became first time parents, where did the time go? Happy Birthday Jamie, we love you! Picture of him when he got his associates degree a few years ago! This fall he'll start working on his bachelor degree.

   Tonight we're eating healthy and having  some baked fish, some vegetables and some rice. I am trying to fix dinner and do my blog at the same time. Knowing me I'll forget to check the fish and probably cook it too long. I'll have to keep my eye on the clock!

   I have to turn my Avon order in tonight, really not until tomorrow, but with my computer situation, I am going to do it tonight. Some of my friends have started ordering from me, so it is kinda fun. Of course, this will be my last order where I get 40% off so I won't be making much after that. I told Mike that if I had the money, I could be my own best customer! Haha! At least, I'll get a break on some of the stuff I usually order, and I don't have to search for an Avon lady. I might as well save some money, instead of putting it in some one else's pocket. 

Ta Ta:
   I am going to get this posted before my computer becomes even more messed up, sorry it is so short today! Until next time...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Day's and Monday's - We Got Both Today!

Rainy Day's and Monday's:
   I am sure you have heard that song by the Carpenters. We got lucky, and we got both today! Just a little sarcasm there! Haha! It is 62 degrees, and as I said it is raining, and it's also a Monday so it fits! It is a very dreary day, and is making me sleepy, if I was wrapped  in a blanket nice and warm, I am sure that I could drift off quite easily. Good day for soup,lol!

   The steak was awesome, even if I do say so myself! Mike thought it was really good too, and I even got a kiss for the meal! That doesn't happen very often! Lol! Mike said it was really tender, and it was. I almost left it on the grill too long, was just barely pink in the middle, and we like a little pinker than that.  So we ended up with a baked potato, (we halved it, it was huge) the steak, peas, and peach dump cake for desert. Oh, I also had 2 gasses of wine! We were stuffed. I could have just fixed one steak, and split it between the two of us, cos the steaks were very big, and we were only able to eat half a steak each. Next time, that is what I will do, I guess we just don't eat as much as we used to. So maybe we'll have steak and eggs for dinner tonight, with a few hash browns thrown in for good measure. Hey, we gotta finish up the steak, and we can't have only protein! Haha!

Crutches and Wine:
   Crutches and wine don't mix too well! It is hard enough to walk a straight line with crutches, without drinking 2 glasses of wine. I am out of practice, only 2 glasses and I was in mellow'sville. Yeah, I know that isn't I word, I made it up cos that is how I was feeling, very mellow. Lol!  Being on crutches added an element  to the mix I wasn't expecting! I was fine and mellow while I was sitting down, standing up and walking was another story and a little scary! I'm just not much of a drinker anymore, all though I still enjoy a glass of wine once in a while. However, I am on the wagon until I'm off the crutches! Haha! I was afraid I would fall and hurt my foot, even though I wasn't dizzy at all. Using crutches takes concentration, even without wine! Needless to say, I was glad I didn't have far to go when it was time for bed.

Foot Blurb:
   Last night I used an Avon (Avon plug here) lavender clay mask for feet on my foot, I think it has salt in it, to remove the flaking skin off my foot. Then I soaked it in warm water for about 10 minutes. After rubbing it with a wash cloth, I was able to get most of the dead skin off. I just know that you are so happy to know that! Lol! After that, I slathered it with lavender overnight foot moisture cream, also Avon! Lol! Hey, I had it and I might as well use it, by the way it worked awesome! Got to get a testimonial in on a product in where ya can, and it did the job t was supposed to! My foot looked pretty good this morning when I got up.

   Well I wanted to get my blog done early today, so I could try to do a few things, like dishes, and clean the bathroom, etc... I'm sure I will have to take a lot of rest breaks with my foot up, in between things to help keep the swelling down. Let's hope I can manage it, Mike is really getting tired of doing everything. Then there is the way I do things, Vs the way he does things, they don't match.  I  really appreciated Mike keeping up with everything while I was off my foot, but it is time for me to start doing a few things so my foot will get stronger. I had to rearrange my cupboards the other day, he didn't know where I put everything,so he just put it where he found an empty space. Hey, I am not complaining, at least he put stuff away! I am picky, and I have a definite place for some things, so they had to go right back where they belong. I guess I am a little anal about things like that.

   I am having trouble with some of the keys on my laptop sticking or not working when you push on them, so if there is an i or an o missing in some words those are the ones I am having trouble with at the moment. I am going to have to get my paintbrush out and go over the keys to see if something is stuck under one of them. I do try to catch things when I proof read, before I publish a post, so if I miss something, I am sorry.

   As I said before I want to get busy so I will just say, See Ya's...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Outing Driving the Beast !

   Yesterday I drove for the first time since my surgery in the Beast. (our truck) It was a little difficult getting up in the Beast, since I usually step up into it with my left foot on the driver's side. I finally made it, but I did cringe a little bit in pain. The passenger side is no problem, cos I step up with my right foot. Anyway, my Grand Daughter, Kara and I went to Hobby Lobby, and to Wally World. Hobby Lobby doesn't have wheel chairs so I had to walk in there with my crutches. I was able to get a few more flowers for the keepsake bouquet I am making, so I have everything I need. I thought in Walmart, that I could get one of their scooters to ride around on. Wrong, there weren't any, and I only saw 2 people were using them, (I know they have more than that) and we were all over the whole store! There wasn't even a  regular wheel chair to be had!  So, I had to walk again, only this time I didn't bring in both crutches, cos I was planing on riding on one of their carts!  I had to walk the whole store, needless to say, my foot was killing me when I got home. Can we say swelled? It was twice the size it was before I left! Ouch, boy did it hurt! It throbbed most of the night! I finally had to wrap it in my ace bandage to get some relief.

Foot Blurb:
   I bet you thought that the above paragraph was my foot blurb, haha not  that was only the lead in story!  I figure I haven't whined about it for a while to ya's! My foot looks good as far as the healing, and the shape is concerned. The skin on my foot is another story. I have slathered all kinds of lotion on my foot, (every night) from the time the stitches were out, and it is still peeling! It looks so gross and scaly I don't know what to do! The only thing I can think of is to soak it, and then see if I can rub the old skin off. Wish me luck, please, I'm gonna need it! Eww it is sooo gross!

   Well it is 63 degrees today and cloudy, with some rain sprinkles every once in a while. So for their 30% chance of rain, I guess the weather channel got it right. It is supposed to be back up in the 70's by Tuesday, but today's 63 degrees is chilly, and I am about ready to turn the gas fireplace on low to take the chill off. I am cold, I guess it doesn't take long for our blood to get used to sunshine and warmth! I think I'll try a long sleeved shirt for a while, before I resort to turning the fireplace on though. I'll save that for this evening, cos I'm sure it will be even more chilly then. Who knows with my hormones, I may be hot in just a few minutes! Lol! I can only hope! Hehe! Funny how it never works with ya, and always works against ya!

First Grilling:
   Usually I use our little tabletop grill all year round, but tonight will be the first time this year.Yesterday, when Kara and I were out, I got some of the little propane cylinders for our grill. So I will brave the chilly air and try to use it tonight. We got some New York strip steaks at Sam's the other day, so I bet ya can guess what we're having for dinner! So steak, baked potato, and some kind of vegi, I don't have the stuff for salad this time. Sounds good to me, it has been a long time since we had a steak, so I am looking forward to it. I may even have to have a glass of wine with it. I hope it tastes as good as I'm imagining it will. I think I will try to bake something for dessert too, and the oven will also warm up the apartment a little bit. We'll see how energetic I get this afternoon, I haven't done anything so far, except mess around on my laptop and then write this post. 

   As you can imagine, things have not been given a good cleaning since I had surgery, so I think that will be my main focus tomorrow, seeing what I am able do. Tuesday it will be 6 weeks since my surgery. I can walk around without my crutches holding onto stuff, so I should be able to get some things done, if I am careful. I'll just need to take short breaks, and put my foot up so my foot doesn't get too swelled.

Ta Ta For Now:
   I think I am going to wind this post up, and see what I can get into, so I hope that your weekend as been great, with a little fun thrown in too.  So see ya's on Monday. Until then...