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This the story of our journey, Into Something Good, going Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and trying to Hold Onto Our Dreams. How we got on the way to becoming HALF time RVers! Our Ford 350 super duty diesel truck is our horses, we call it the Beast . Our 2008 34'7" 3 slide Cedar Creek Silverback fifth wheel is our Prairie Schooner Wagon,we call it the Bear. Just like the first RVers, the Pioneers of Yesteryear traveling around the country searching for a rich full filling life! Come along with us for the ride and read about our triumphs and mishaps along the way! About to be Part time RVers in a Cedar Creek Silverback 2008, 34'7", 3 slide 5th wheel, which is our Prairie Schooner Wagon, and a 2006 Ford 350 super duty 1 ton diesel truck is our horses, or oxen, only we have to feed it diesel instead of grass, and oats, which costs a lot more! Retired Air Force empty nesters off to see the good ole USA! Favorite Quote: "Life is a Blank Canvas, Made For Me to Add the Colors" Goal: I am trying to add as many colors as I can to my life!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Big sister Hannah-----------------------------^
Mini Long Hair Doxi--------------------------^
Clover--She got her name because she has a clover shaped spot on her behind!

Grand Doggie:
This is Clover, Gary and Mariah's new baby puppy! She is about 8 weeks old and will only be about 12 inches long when full grown. She is little but feisty, she is already beating up on big sister, Hannah. She has the cutest little bark, and for awhile Hannah was afraid of her! Now when Hannah carries her rope toy, she picks Clover up off the floor and carries her around, because Clover grabs hold of the rope with her little puppy teeth and refuses to let go! LOL! I tried to get a picture of my dalmation, Dutchess, but she is camera shy, and you know how we girls are about the camera adding 10lbs to us! Ha ha! Well anyway that's the newest addition to the Ward household, just thought I'd introduce you!

Circleville Here We Come:
We're leaving to go to my Mom's house today so I can help her with Thanksgiving dinner. So I will only have dial up until we get back on Friday, so I may or may not be able to post until then. I want to wish all of you a very HAPPY and THANKFUL THANKSGIVING, and any who are on the road please be careful and take it nice and easy! Talk to ya all when we get back if not before! So until then...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wow I really did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^
Just after getting diploma ^
Jamie waiting to graduate ^

On November 21st of 2008 our son, Jamie graduated from Rets Tech college! We are so proud of him and he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA! Way to go Jamie! The lighting wasn't very good, so I don't know how these pics will look, but at least we have the proof that he did it, along with his diploma! The lights were way up high it the ceiling, so the pictures may be kind of dark, I did lighten them some, but I didn't want to make them look washed out. Each Graduate had a white rose that they carried, to give to the person who supported them the most through the courses, and gave up one on one time with them while they were going to college. After graduating, Jamie presented his rose to his little girl Kara! That's when I got tears in my eyes! It was a really neat thing for them to do, and Kara was so tickled with it!

I am feeling lots better the last few days and starting to get more sleep at night now! I am starting to get some of my energy back too, so that is good! My ribs are still sore from all the coughing, and I'm wondering how long it will take for that to go away, but otherwise, I'm feeling better! I may even pop in to the RV Dreams chat room tomorrow night to say hi to all my friends. It seems like it's been forever since I could type without coughing so I could chat. I sure hope this will be the only bout that I have with my asthma this winter! It had been so long between having an asthma attack (4 years) that I think I took for granted being able to breathe and have enough air to fill my lungs! You can be sure that I won't take it for granted for another long time now! Thank you all for all your well wishes! Well it's now the time to say see ya until tomorrow, so until then...