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This the story of our journey, Into Something Good, going Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and trying to Hold Onto Our Dreams. How we got on the way to becoming HALF time RVers! Our Ford 350 super duty diesel truck is our horses, we call it the Beast . Our 2008 34'7" 3 slide Cedar Creek Silverback fifth wheel is our Prairie Schooner Wagon,we call it the Bear. Just like the first RVers, the Pioneers of Yesteryear traveling around the country searching for a rich full filling life! Come along with us for the ride and read about our triumphs and mishaps along the way! About to be Part time RVers in a Cedar Creek Silverback 2008, 34'7", 3 slide 5th wheel, which is our Prairie Schooner Wagon, and a 2006 Ford 350 super duty 1 ton diesel truck is our horses, or oxen, only we have to feed it diesel instead of grass, and oats, which costs a lot more! Retired Air Force empty nesters off to see the good ole USA! Favorite Quote: "Life is a Blank Canvas, Made For Me to Add the Colors" Goal: I am trying to add as many colors as I can to my life!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Here are the pictures of the little wooded trunk I painted.
Not bad for $5.99 huh?

Busy Day Yesterday:
After we got back yesterday, and got the fiver parked and set back up ( Mike got it in the drive on the 2nd try) we must be getting better with our signals to each other! LOL! Mike installed the new converter, which arrived while we were in Columbus for 2 days. It's a relief to know that everything again works, except for the Dirt Devil sweeper. We bought a small sweeper the other day so we're not too worried about getting the Dirt Devil fixed right now. We have other things we need to spend our money on to get the apartment finished. I have been collecting things (at garage sales and thrift shops) for the last 2 years to use in the apartment, but there are some things we still have to buy. We have to buy a kitchen sink, and a stove, and a shower. I have all the cabinets (which isn't many) that I can fit in the kitchen, and even the window. They will fit perfect in the kitchen for the 2 of us, and Mike will build me some shelves for the rest of the storage that we'll need. We have a sink and a camode for the bathroom, a mirror and baskets and shelves for storage. I'm also going to purge a bunch of things that haven't been used for the last year! We still have to buy the laminate flooring that we're going to use for the floor. Once Mike has the plumbing installed and the electric run most of the work will be hanging bead board and putting up a couple of walls, and painting everything. After that we can install the floor and start
setting things up. Pictures will come as the place takes shape.

Wedding Shower:
Last night was the bridal shower for Mariah. It was fun, and although I was a little late I still got there in time to play some cute games, and see her open her gifts! The way her Mom, Rhonda, and her sister, Julia set it up was really neat, and their ideas were really good. After the presents were opened, Mariah and her friends sat and talked in the living room and Julia, Rhonda and I sat and talked in the kitchen. The girls talked about the "batchlorette" party, and we talked about the menu for the reception, and the plans for the wedding! What a difference! I forgot to take my camera with me I was in such a hurry because I was late, and nothing seemed to be going right that I tried to do to get ready for the shower! I now have to get in gear, and get the bouquets done since the wedding is only a month away! Oh well, all the trials and tribulations are over until I am back here at my blog the next time...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Not much color here in Ohio Yet - site A-1 at Alum Creek

I thought these cloud formations were neat!

Our site at Alum Creek

Alum Creek and Back:
We got home at about 12:30 p.m. today. (Thursday) I loved the cloud formations along the way and back. Our site was completely wooded. We weren't able to get a site where we could get wifi, because they were having a fall festival at the park. Lots of the campsites were all decorated for Halloween and they had a contest going on for the best decorated site. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the decorated sites. It was very chilly the 2 days that we were there, so we didn't go out and about very much. We forgot to take jackets and shoes with us. All we had were sandals and short sleeved shirts. We did remember to take some jeans with us, but we just about froze! It was actually very cold in the mornings. I guess fall has arrived, and I'm still cold! I don't know if I'll make it until December 26th here in Ohio or not.
We went to see Sunny the macaw, and Cooper the cockatoo, while we were in Columbus. I clipped their wings, and then clipped Sunny's toenails for them. Sunny was a big baby, and squawked like I was killing him. They still knew who we were, and seemed glad to see us until they saw the toenail clippers that is! LOL! They have a very good home and I'm glad that I gave Linda and Frank the chance to have them. In fact they have it really good there, and are going to be quite spoiled. We'll probably go back and see them whenever we are in the Columbus area. It is good to see them happy and well taken care of. Well I think that will be it for today, I'll see you all in the RV Dreams chat room tonite so until then...

Monday, September 29, 2008


Today was cleaning day after having Kara all weekend, and Autumn, and Tehya on Thursday and Friday. It just didn't seem like a good idea to clean with them here. I'd rather spend time with them doing things while they are with us. So after I got the dishes done, I painted the little wooden trunk I got at the thrift store, while Mike stripped the bed for me. We're going to use the little trunk in the fiver to sit the printer on behind Mike's chair. I think that the trunk is maybe 20 years old, but it wasn't in real good shape so that's why I painted it. It has some kind of woven fabric all around the sides, and must have had it on the top too at one time. Now the top is just wooden boards. It looks kinda like grass cloth. It has curved feet on the bottom of it. The inside is real plywood and it is very solid, so I think it was well worth the $5.99 that I paid for it. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow after it dries. I'm going to run the sweeper, and try to get a couple of stains out of our carpet, then clean the bathroom, and put the sheets back on the bed. I think that will be it for the day after I finish fixing the chicken and noodles for dinner.

Autumn's Birthday Party:
On Saturday Autumn's Birthday Party was a total success. The kids all had a great time! They played " Simon Says", painted the sun catchers I got, played a balloon popping game, busted the pinata, ate hot dogs & chips, and then cake and ice cream. I was busy doing face painting while they played Simon Says. It took a while as there were 16 to 18 kids there. It sure brought back some good memories of my child day care years. I used to do lots of crafts, and projects with the kids that I had in my home. I always had a blast with the kids and having them in my home was like playing everyday. I was very fortunate that I was able to do something that I loved for a job for 17 & 1/2 years. Being able to be with all the kids that I had over the years was an experience that I'll never forget, and I would still be doing day care if I hadn't had to retire at the end of 2000 for medical reasons.

Alum Creek:
Tomorrow we're going to go back down to Alum Creek in Columbus. We need to empty our tanks, so we wanted to go back down there one more time before we move back into the house until we leave in December. I am not looking forward to storing the fiver, and have had no trouble adjusting to living in it full time. It has been rather chilly in the morning's when we get up, and when we get back from Alum Creek we'll be working on our apartment in the 2 car garage. Another reason we chose to go to Alum Creek state park is that they have wifi, so I can still stay in touch with everybody. Also while we're there, we're going to go visit the people we gave our macaw Sunny to, and have a good visit with him too. I can't wait to see how he's doing. They call us every week and give us updates on him. I'm so glad that he has an awesome home with them. I think letting them have Sunny was one of the best things we could have done for him, and there's no one else that I'd rather see have him. We'll be coming back on Thursday, because the Bridal Shower for Mariah, Gary's bride to be, is that evening. So until we get set up at Alum Creek tomorrow afternoon...