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This the story of our journey, Into Something Good, going Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and trying to Hold Onto Our Dreams. How we got on the way to becoming HALF time RVers! Our Ford 350 super duty diesel truck is our horses, we call it the Beast . Our 2008 34'7" 3 slide Cedar Creek Silverback fifth wheel is our Prairie Schooner Wagon,we call it the Bear. Just like the first RVers, the Pioneers of Yesteryear traveling around the country searching for a rich full filling life! Come along with us for the ride and read about our triumphs and mishaps along the way! About to be Part time RVers in a Cedar Creek Silverback 2008, 34'7", 3 slide 5th wheel, which is our Prairie Schooner Wagon, and a 2006 Ford 350 super duty 1 ton diesel truck is our horses, or oxen, only we have to feed it diesel instead of grass, and oats, which costs a lot more! Retired Air Force empty nesters off to see the good ole USA! Favorite Quote: "Life is a Blank Canvas, Made For Me to Add the Colors" Goal: I am trying to add as many colors as I can to my life!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today (Friday) I watched Tehya and picked Autumn up from the bus. They are both going to a sleep over Birthday party tonite. It was really nice of Autumns friend to invite Tehya to her birthday party too! She was so excited to be going to a sleep over! I made thir favorite dinner for them, mac n' cheese and hot dogs before they left. I also fixed Autumn some sliced tomatoes, she loves them!

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Today we've had some rain, and it's supposed to rain through Monday. We have been glued to the TV watching the coverage of Hurricane Ike. I hope it is not as bad as it is expected to be! I sure wish people wouldn't try to ride the storm out! Sounds crazy to me! I can understand not wanting to leave your home, but that can be replaced, if need be. Your life is not something you can replace! Way to scary for me to contemplate! Well I know this is short, and not too much news, but I'm tired from the week, so until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It has been a very L O N G 3 & 1/2 days ! I really just about went crazy with no internet, and I was ready to resort to dial up!!!! I would have if I could have found something other than AOL ! I didn't really want to get that started again!

Monday we took Mike's Mom visiting with us. She got to see her brother, and both of her sister in laws. Her other brother has passed away. We had a nice visit, and she was fine. Then we took her to eat at Bob Evans, and to Wal Mart. I think it was a little too much all in the same day for her. Then going into Wal Mart with all the people milling around, really confused her! So we won't do that again! About 11:30 p.m. we had to call the squad, because she said she was having trouble breathing, and she couldn't stop shaking. Turns out she was having a panic attack, but it really scared us that she is so fragile. She hadn't been shopping for quite a while, but no one told us why they hadn't taken her. We thought that they just didn't take her, because it was quicker not too. We finally got her to sleep at about 3 a.m. Mike called his sister, and she said that Mom does that, just give her an aspirin and put her to bed! His Mom didn't even remember us calling the squad the next morning! So I am going to have to do some more research on Alzheimer's so we know more what we're dealing with when we're down there ! So, if any of you can point me in the direction of a good website, and good information, please leave me a comment. That way at least we will not have anymore surprises like that!

Needless to say, on Tuesday we kept everything low key, and stayed home! She didn't feel good all day and we discovered after watching what she eats, that she isn't eating enough either! She was dizzy until after dinner, when we made sure she ate enough, and took her pills on time. We were not aware enough of her not eating enough, or not taking her pills on time. She really needs someone with her all the time now, and I didn't like leaving her alone for even a half hour until Mike's brother in law got there at 1:p.m. today. It is such a relief to be home now, and not have so much responsibility on our shoulders. I could have never forgiven myself if something had happened to her while we were there! I know we'll have many more trips going down there until the end of the year when we leave, for where ever we're going to be, but then when we come back in the spring we'll have to give Mike's 2 sisters and his brother a very long break, but at least the next time we go down there we'll be more prepared, and know what to expect.

Since we're home, I need to get things put away, and get something started for dinner, and then I plan on catching up with all our friends on RV Dreams chat this evening. See ya around, until then...