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This the story of our journey, Into Something Good, going Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and trying to Hold Onto Our Dreams. How we got on the way to becoming HALF time RVers! Our Ford 350 super duty diesel truck is our horses, we call it the Beast . Our 2008 34'7" 3 slide Cedar Creek Silverback fifth wheel is our Prairie Schooner Wagon,we call it the Bear. Just like the first RVers, the Pioneers of Yesteryear traveling around the country searching for a rich full filling life! Come along with us for the ride and read about our triumphs and mishaps along the way! About to be Part time RVers in a Cedar Creek Silverback 2008, 34'7", 3 slide 5th wheel, which is our Prairie Schooner Wagon, and a 2006 Ford 350 super duty 1 ton diesel truck is our horses, or oxen, only we have to feed it diesel instead of grass, and oats, which costs a lot more! Retired Air Force empty nesters off to see the good ole USA! Favorite Quote: "Life is a Blank Canvas, Made For Me to Add the Colors" Goal: I am trying to add as many colors as I can to my life!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, I am trying to get back into writing everyday, so since I was up really early this morning and have already had my tea I thought I'd try to blog before things get busy! Who knows if I'll have time later. I have to take our son,Gary to the dentist to get a tooth pulled at 10:30 so this may be the only time I can write. He has been off work 2 days with his tooth killing him. He has a huge cavity and I think it is infected with all the swelling he has. Actually getting him to go to the dentist has always been like pulling teeth, pardon the pun. LOL! This time the pain just got worse than he can take. Even though he is 28 they may have to put him out, so that is why I am taking him. Of course, just goes to show he still needs Mom even if it's just to be a taxi driver! LOL! Mike would have taken him except he and Jamie had planned to do alot of yard work before Jamie has to go to work at 4:30p.m. today. Jamie is going to help his Dad cut out a bunch of saplings that have grown up through the chain link fence. Gary is in no shape to work on the yard, and it is driving Mike nuts because that needs done. Mike just can't stand it when the yard needs mowed and trimmed, and hasn't been done. Since were stuck here anyway until after my Mom's surgery, and he has to leave on Sunday to go down to stay with his Mom he is going to do the yard. It is also supposed to rain tomorrow, so if they don't get the grass mowed today we may have to have someone come in and cut and bale the grass for hay! Just kiddin, it's not quite that tall, but who knows how much more it will grow after it rains.

My Mom is finally on the mend! She is done taking her medicine and has pretty much stopped coughing. I may go down on Saturday and stay with her this next week while Mike is at his Mom's. That is if Jamie can find someone to watch Kara in the evenings, if not I'll stay home. We're going to make some outfits for Kara if we can get some sewing in. We still don't have a date for Mom's surgery, so we're thinking it will be sometime towards the end of May.

I have been off all my allergy meds for a week now, and I have more allergy testing tomorrow. I will be so glad to finally get back on my meds, because the tree pollen has been in the high level for the past week. My nose and eyes and throat have been a mess. My eyes and nose have been running and I have that annoying little tickle in the back of my throat that makes me cough and makes my throat sore from all the drainage. YUCK! Anyway I'll be glad to get back on my Zyrtec and my Singulair after the tests. I'm also going to ask the doctor about allergy shots for cat allergies, so I can at least go down to see Mike's Mom. I can visit right now for a couple of hours, but that's about it, and I can't stay overnight at all. So I hope that they will give me the shots. That way we can help out alot more, at least until we start traveling. So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Well Dutchess has just informed me that she wants to go out, so this might be a good place to stop for today, so I'll see ya over the rainbow...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Two of my sons have stopped by and gave me a hug and a kiss, so I only have one more to go. See I told you all I'd be back today! This morning we went to Wal Mart to get a few things. I had to get a Graduation card for one of the girls that I used to watch in my day care. I guess that means I'm getting older. I had watched both her brothers and then her when she came along, and now she is graduating high school! Wow! She always brought me flowers for Mother's Day, because she said I was her second Mom! Congratulations Emily! I'm very proud of you! Time sure has marched on, I went to her brother's Graduation Party, and now soon I'll be going to hers!

Short and Sweet:
I know this is short and probably not too sweet, but I have just gotten a phone call from my friend Sue and she wants me to come see her 5 month old Grandson, Liam. So ya know sitting here typing can't compare to holding a baby so ya know what I'm going to do! LOL! Hope ya all have a great day, and I'll see all of you tomorrow...