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This the story of our journey, Into Something Good, going Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and trying to Hold Onto Our Dreams. How we got on the way to becoming HALF time RVers! Our Ford 350 super duty diesel truck is our horses, we call it the Beast . Our 2008 34'7" 3 slide Cedar Creek Silverback fifth wheel is our Prairie Schooner Wagon,we call it the Bear. Just like the first RVers, the Pioneers of Yesteryear traveling around the country searching for a rich full filling life! Come along with us for the ride and read about our triumphs and mishaps along the way! About to be Part time RVers in a Cedar Creek Silverback 2008, 34'7", 3 slide 5th wheel, which is our Prairie Schooner Wagon, and a 2006 Ford 350 super duty 1 ton diesel truck is our horses, or oxen, only we have to feed it diesel instead of grass, and oats, which costs a lot more! Retired Air Force empty nesters off to see the good ole USA! Favorite Quote: "Life is a Blank Canvas, Made For Me to Add the Colors" Goal: I am trying to add as many colors as I can to my life!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sleepover, Sammy Update, and Today!

   We had fun on the Sunday night sleepover, but it sure was hot and humid! We can't use the AC in the fiver in the driveway, it trips the circuit breaker every time!  So it didn't cool off until about 3 a.m. How do I know that, you ask, well I was still up! We started watching movies at about 9 p.m. Sunday night and they were both chick flicks. We started out with Roger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella. The one with Lesley Ann Warren in it. The girls had never seen it, so they watched it to appease me.  There was a bit of grumbling about all the singing, the costumes, and they agreed that the step sisters really were ugly!  Haha! They weren't too impressed with all the singing, but they liked the story. The only one they had seen was the cartoon one.  When it was over Kara said,  "Gma there are sure no Prince's like that nowadays!" I told her that's why it was called a fairy tale! Lol! We do all like romantic movies. Then Kara had brought the new Footloose movie. I hadn't seen it, so we watched that. It was pretty good, but I still liked the first one better.  I couldn't find my copy so we could watch it, next time I will get it from the library, cos Kara wanted to see the original one, too.  It pretty much followed the first one, with a few minor exceptions.  Now to the burning question, who fell asleep first? Well Miss Tehya fell asleep about midnight. Kara, Autumn and I were joking and laughing and she woke up about 1:30 a.m. She is usually the last one to fall asleep! We finally went to bed about an hour later. So I was still reading at 3 a.m. and that answers the question how I knew when it cooled down! Lol! Needless to say when my alarm went off at 8 a.m. I didn't want to get up! Charli was coming out at 8:30, so I had to whether I wanted to or not! I brought her into the house and let the girls sleep. Eventually they all three straggled in, at various times, still in their pj's.

Sammy Update:
   Sammy the blue front Amazon is doing well! He had his beak trimmed, his toenails and wings clipped and had a shower. He wasn't impressed with anything but the shower, that he loved! Sammy was always mean and tried to bite us, and would never come out of his cage for us. Their daughter just stuck her hand in his cage and he stepped right up on her arm! She cuddled with him under her chin for quite a while. I would have thought he would have went for her jugular vein! I was amazed when Steve called me and told me about it! It just goes to show you, that sometimes it takes someone new for them to bond with you. Maybe he sensed that we weren't his forever owners, just caregivers until he got well. He said that Sammy was making himself at home and had roast beef and mashed potatoes with them when they had supper! I think he must have been in heaven, and loved it! I hope he continues to do well and be loved, and that his story has a happy ever after ending!!!!!

   Today I got Miss Charli at 5:45 a.m. and then Autumn and Tehya came about 7:30.  Chari was a very big girl and went potty 3 times for me, on the potty chair that is, today. Each time after she went she got 3 M & M's. Then she would ask me if I was happy? That was so cute and of course I told her I was and that she was a very good girl. She is going to be a little people person I think, but only if she likes it too! She can be very stubborn, and she gets that from both of her parents, so she got a double dose! Haha! We really didn't go outside today since it was so warm. Mommy came and got Charli after lunch and then Tehya, Autumn and I went to Dollar General to get a couple of things. My cheater glasses broke and I had to get a new pair. It is terrible getting old. I have a perfectly good pair of prescription glasses, but they are bifocals, and I get dizzy if I try to walk in them and I can't read in bed with them. In order for me to read with them in bed, I have to have my neck at an unnatural angle. It makes me get a crick in my neck and then my neck is sore the next day, so that is why I use the magnifying glasses.
   Tomorrow I have to start making my list for the trip with Charli and Tehya. I have to start getting ready, or else I'll forget something! I want to have things in the fiver by Sunday night, or else I'll forget something! Then we will leave on next Monday!

   Jake is saying "Good night, pretty boy, so I think I will put this post to bed too. Ya'll take care and be safe traveling, and I'll be seein' Ya's...

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